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Acknowledgement Of Services

The following “Acknowledgement of Services” governs your use of the website (herein referred to as “Site”) and Care Guide Inc (herein referred to as “CGI”) intellectual properties/services (herein referred to as “Services”). This is NOT a contract or an implied agreement to work with CGI but rather an acknowledgement of services to be rendered.

Notice To Families & Seniors

CGI works diligently on your behalf and there is no fee for using CGI’s services. This acknowledgement of services communicates how we operate in order to remain a free service to families. You have the right of choice in selecting your service providers. There are referral companies that do not believe you have this right and will distribute your information to third parties. We DO NOT do this. At no time do we release your contact information to any providers unless you give authorization. CGI Services act as a filter so you are not bombarded with calls from numerous providers. If you contact a provider on your own, please be sure to inform them that you are working with CGI as they likely have already received your loved one’s client profile from CGI. This will maintain the negotiating position we have established with various service providers within our vast network. When you have chosen a preferred housing or care option, please notify your CGI Senior Care Advisor of the provider’s name.

If you choose to be a client of CGI Services, you authorize CGI to share your pertinent information–NOT contact information–with a limited number of providers for the purpose of matching your request. Please note that CGI sends referrals to numerous communities based on your geographic, health and financial parameters. Typically clients will only be sent communities affirming they are able to meet your needs so you are not overwhelmed with options that may not have availability or are unable to meet your requirements. Should you learn of a community NOT on the CGI list of recommendations initially sent to you, please notify your CGI advisor as CGI has likely previously sent a referral to that community on your behalf but never received a response back from the community. CGI will then reach out using additional follow up methods to see if they may meet your requests. When CGI is the initial referring source, the provider is required to pay an agreed upon fee to our agency for successful placement regardless of how the client learned of the community. Should you opt to personally contact a provider on the recommendation of another person or entity after our referrals have been sent to them, and then you select that community or service, that provider is obligated to pay the referral fee pursuant to CGI’s contractual agreement. Our services to you remain free of charge through established agreements with providers in our network that pay a fee for every pairing of an individual within their care.

Our Services

The non-commission services CGI provides help families find independent living, assisted living, memory care communities and in-home care across the nation. We make our best effort to match your loved one’s needs to our “Client Profile”. We trust that your answers are accurate to the best of your knowledge. You will be emailed community options based on your responses to CGI’s referrals. We vet your care options based on state surveys and our own objective interviews with various community owners, management and staff. We may also take into consideration our past clients’ experiences in the community. We do our absolute best to recommend several care providers based solely on the information that you give us or, with your permission, that we receive from your medical or non-medical care providers. CGI is not involved in the actual payment transaction between customers and providers and does not promote or recommend any one specific provider. Even though our Services are paid for by our providers in our network, we consider ourselves YOUR REPRESENTATIVE to act in your or your loved one’s best interest for a well-qualified care option. Consequently, CGI cannot guarantee that a transaction will occur or if it does occur that it will satisfy the needs of either user or provider. We will however, do everything in our power to assist in any paraprofessional mediation between you and the provider. Our goal is to assist in making a proper forum where our clients and CGI may meet and discuss any satisfaction or dissatisfaction that you may have with the provider or others. All fees associated with the Service rendered by CGI are paid by our providers.

The Site may also provide content relating to medical and healthcare products and services but does not provide medical advice.